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Pixel Gun 3D Skins

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Pixel Gun 3D game is a shooter game where a player uses a horde of weapons to fight off zombies. The game has several levels with special items available for to unlock. As you obliterate your enemies, you get to earn special coins. The coins act as currency in the game and enable the player to purchase new weapons and upgrade the game. The game comes in both single player and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows the player to engage up to eight different players. Pixel gun 3D with a chat system that enables interaction between players. If you do not have prior game experience then you can begin with the practice mode as you progress through the levels.

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How to Play Pixel Gun 3D Game

The game is available for download in both iOS and Android phones. The survival mode enables players to practice with the game before they can progress to the multiplayer mode. In this mode, you have an opportunity to earn more coins. The objective in this mode is to survive wave after wave of enemy attacks while destroying enemies in the process. To succeed in survival mode you will need to practice something called strafing. Strafing involves moving in circles while your finger is on the firing trigger. Your aim is always on the zombies and this ensures you kill as many zombies as possible. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

To take as many enemies as possible engage in a crawling position. This ensures that you kill both zombies and crawling creatures like slugs and crawlers. In this position, any hit destroys the zombies as headshots do not cause any change in damage level. However, you will need to avoid being crushed by zombies; keep moving to avoid this. The game main objective is to earn stars. If you destroy all the monsters in the level, you get to earn a star while if you destroy them with speed you earn another star. The last star is earned when kill monsters while been hurt in any way. To increase the chances of earning the last star you will need to purchase a shield. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

The maximum amount of coins that you can earn in the mode is three. The difficulty of a level affects the number of coins that you earn. If you are playing easy you get to earn one coin while the normal earns you two coins. The other mode that players can engage in is the deathmatch mode. This allows you to take away a kill if you kill yourself. To succeed in the mode, learn to always take cover and to attack distracted enemies with low health levels. To improve the appearance of your game download our Pixel Gun 3D skins here.

Game Modes in Pixel Gun 3D

The game features various game modes. The multiplayer mode enables players to connect with both local and international players. It features 35 unique maps each having unique size and shape. The assortment of weapons varies with both rocket launchers, sniper rifles, magic weapons, and energy weapons been featured. The mode supports up to 10 players and comes with an online chat. This enables players to chat with fellow players as they engage in battle. There several online game modes available online including deadly games, classic deathmatch, flag capture, team battle, point capture and Coop survival. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

Pixel Gun 3D Skins

In the campaign mode, the storyline begins with pixel man been attacked by tons of zombies who have invaded his farm. He soon realizes that they have also invaded the neighboring villages as well. He knows has to step in before there is a zombie apocalypse. You can play the game in story mode in different locations. The enemies and weapons used are also different. The storyline is featured in a comic book and it elaborates the storyline behind the pixel gun. A separate game mode called the survival arena enables you to test your survival skills. With endless gameplay, you get a combination of monsters not visible in other modes. Players also get rewards as they progress to other levels. You can compare your results with friends. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here

You can make new friends whom you encounter in the battle scene. To add a friend while playing online, press the + button and the person is added. You can then check their accomplishments and form a team with other friends. In addition you can form your own clan system that solely consists of your best players. Pixel gun 3D has allows players to customize skins to suit their own unique preferences. We have additional skins for download here. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

Outstanding Game features in Pixel Gun 3D

This is one of the most amazing games online. It features a cool multiplayer mode that allows up to 10 players. If you want to succeed in the game, you will need to begin through the practice mode. This gives you all the skills that you need to defeat enemies. The game can be played in both iOS and Android phones. The multiplayer mode is difficult because it is constrained. Pixel Gun 3D features a room based system where players can interact with other players. You can either join one of the rooms or create your own and invite other players. Download Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

If you do get tired of the intensity of the multiplayer mode, you can take a break and try out something easier. The campaign mode lets you engage in single player games against incoming zombies. If you have not played pixel gun 3D skins before then the campaign mode is an excellent way to learn to play the game. This will, in turn, increase your confidence level before you embark on online battles with other players. There are four main forms of currency used in the game:- gems, coins, tickets, and keys. These currencies are needed for you to proceed in the game. Gems tend to be the most sort after. The gems can be used to purchase keys and tickets. The success of the game is hugely determined by the number of gems that you have. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

Pixel Gun 3D Skins

The coins in the game are very similar to the coins we use in our everyday life. In Pixel Gun 3D they appear as yellow circular shaped currencies. The coins enable the player to purchase league stuff, several ammunitions, gadgets, character skins, buildings, and decorative hats. Coins are earned as you win matches. They are scattered all over the game levels and the player has to be meticulous in recovering them. You earn coins as you complete a level and as you progress through the map. To access some of the best skins in the game download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins HereGems consist of some of the best currency available in the game. They appear in blue color and are used for purchasing special items. These could include lucky chests, premium weapons, and special gadgets. The gems are however not that easy to acquire and you will need to be very meticulous when playing the game. They are also limited in quantity. There are several ways to acquire gems in the game:- one is by unlocking the lucky chest, successfully completing a level or connecting your game to pixel gun 3D social media accounts. The other way is to use real cash to purchase gems from various online stores. We give you the opportunity to customize your game to your own unique preferences through a variety of skins. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

The lucky chest is another very interesting feature in the game. It can be acquired every four hours of playing the game. The lucky chest has several random rewards. Outside of the in-game purchases, this is one of the best ways to earn currencies. To reap big in the game you will need to collect as many lucky chests as possible. Within the lucky chest, you are able to find characters skins. The skins can be customized and in pixel gun 3D there is an assortment of 125 premade skins. These are easy to access and use. If you have cash, you can purchase extra skins from the lucky chest. We also have an array of cool skins, which can be yours if you download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

If you are seeking for a cool and fast way to obliterate your enemies then you will find the golden friend to be really cool. The weapon helps you cause maximum damage to your enemies. It is a very rare item and can only be accessed through the lucky chest. If you want to take head shots then this is the weapon of choice. however, if you notice one of your enemies using it make sure to take cover. For those looking for mobility while not sacrificing firing power then the candy baton is your weapon of choice. it makes for an excellent companion when traveling. Download Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here

The weapon system in Pixel Gun 3D

The game features very many weapons which have been categorized depending on firepower and firing range. Some of the categories include guns that shoot lasers, automatic weapons, snipers, area damage weapons, shotguns, special weapons and guided weapons. This article is too short to go in depth into all the weapons available but we will mention a few. The Dracula weapon is excellent when you are running low on health. This is because it enables you to absorb the enemies health. It also works in the reverse and if you are low on health and see the enemy with one take cover instead of engaging in gunfights. Another cool weapon in the game is the predator. This can be used at close to medium range to cause the most damage to enemies. It can also be used for long ranges but it causes little damage. The predator is especially useful for enemies who come with armor. The heavy shocker is used when you have the advantage of mobility and want to cause maximum damage to your enemies. It is used mainly for close range to medium range battles. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Skins Here.

How to use Our Pixel Gun 3D Skins

Skins are usually used to make your game interesting and attractive. The pixel game has over 125 in-game skins to choose from. But, if you are looking for customized options with varying features then try out our Pixel Gun 3D skins. Our skins fit into any phone and are very easy to use. You do not need to be a designer or programmer to use our skins editor. Our skin editor has been created with the user in mind. It has a friendly interface with a menu system where you can unlock all the editing tools. Once you have customized your skins you can then share them with friends online.

Customization and Security

Our Pixel Gun 3D Skins can be used with almost any phone including Android and iOS. You can share new skins and receive cool ones from friends. Our skin editor does not cause any blockages to the game and you can play the game just like before. We have ensured that all our users do not face any malware or viruses while downloading stuff on our site.

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