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Pixel Gun 3D is a shooter game that can be played on both Android and iOS phones. It comes with excellent 3D graphics and an assortment of weapons to choose from. The protagonist – pixel man – finds his farm invaded by zombies and he has to use all his weapons to destroy them.  As the player progresses through the levels they get to earn coins, gems and unlock the lucky chest. The game can be played in either multiplayer mode or single. In multiplayer mode, the player can engage up to 10 players and with an online chat, you can interact with players while in the battle. For those new to the game, they can use the practice mode to get a feel of the game before moving to the more complex game modes. Gems enable you to purchase better weapons and are the hallmark of the game. We have a collection of free gems for you. You can access your free gems through our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Download.

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How to Play Pixel Gun 3D Game

The game features various game modes to keep gamers glued to their gaming screens. One great mode to begin learning about the game is the survival mode. In this mode, players get to learn how to use their pixel gun while destroying zombies in the process. The player can also increase his coin collection fast. The main objective in the mode is to survive wave after wave of enemy attacks while receiving minimal fire. One strategy to beat your opponents is to implement what we call strafing. This is a strategy whereby you hold down the fire button while you move in circles. You keep your aim on the zombies while you pressing the firing trigger. This ensures you kill as many zombies as possible. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

You will also need to be aware of slugs and crawlers who may be outside your peripheral vision. To kill both zombies and crawlers lower the position of your gun. The zombies get hit on any part of their body and headshots do not count. You will also need to fire really fast and move around so that you do not get crushed by incoming zombies. The objective of the mode is to earn stars as you complete each level in the game. The first star is earned when you kill all the monsters on your screen. While the second star is earned when killing all monsters within a short time. The third star is the hardest to earn because it requires to do the above while not getting hit. Buying a shield increases your odds of receiving the third star. Since the difficulty level of the game does not affect the stars collect as many as you can. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

While the difficulty level of a stage does not affect the number of stars it does affect the number of coins that you can earn. For example, the normal has two coins up for grabs while the easy has only one. This makes up for three coins. Another cool mode that you should check out is the deathmatch mode. In this mode, the player takes away a kill by killing themselves. In the mode, you will need to keep on moving so as not to be destroyed by incoming monsters. Take cover when the monsters become too much. You can kill monsters easily who are distracted. To upgrade to a cooler weapon get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

Game Features in Pixel Gun 3D Game

The game features an array of weapons which when used will increase the odds of you succeeding in the game. If you have not played the game before it is recommended that you begin with a tutorial so as to get a general feel for the weapons used in the game. This can easily be done by beginning with the Campaign mode. The mode is way easier than the multiplayer mode and is excellent for beginners. During gameplay, the player battles zombies in various maps spread out in the game. You can then practice your shooting and survival skills before you join the multiplayer mode. To get more gems, get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

The multiplayer mode enables players to join other 10 players in battle. The battles are often very intense due to the constrained surroundings. Multiple players mean you are fighting against more experienced players. The game comes with online chats and rooms. You can request to be invited to one of the rooms or create your own and invite other players. The chat system enables interaction with other players while at the same time doing battles online. Get more gems through our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems download.

One outstanding feature in pixel gun 3D is the in-game currency system. Players have access to four different currencies that include gems, coins, tickets, and keys. All the currencies are critical for you to succeed in the game. The gems being the most precious. You can use them to purchase additional keys and tickets. If you acquire large quantities of gems then the probability for success is very high. You can acquire more gems for your game by getting our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems here.

Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems

Coins found in the game are circular in nature with a yellow color. They are used for purchasing several game items like character skins, ammunitions, buildings and decorative items. Keep winning your games to earn more coins. You will find the coins randomly spread out through the game. Players also get to earn the coins when they complete a level. Gems are the highlight of the game and come in bright blue color. Gems can be used for the purchase of premium weapons, special gadgets, and lucky chest. They are however very rare and one needs to religiously play the game to acquire them. There are various ways in which you can increase your gem collection. One is by integrating your game with pixel gun 3d social media accounts. More gems are available when you unlock the lucky chest or if you complete a certain level. You can also purchase gems online. To get more gems, get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here

Another great currency system that can improve your odds of succeeding in the game is the lucky chests. They chests appear every four hours in the game. They also award the player random items. Once you have accessed the lucky chest you can control game features like character skins. Skins enhance how you view the game. They represent your character and personality. The in-game version has over 125 pre-game skins. If you are looking for more skins purchase some online or get them through the lucky chest. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

The other great weapon that you can use is the golden friend. This powerful weapon enables you to completely obliterate all your enemies with ease. The golden friend is a rare item unless you access it through the lucky chest. It is excellent for headshots and has a high fire rate. however, if you find one of your opponents using it take cover as fast as you can. Those looking for something that offers both mobility and high rate of attack can try out the candy baton. It produces a lot of damage to enemies and is great for traveling. You cannot find the candy baton anywhere else but in the lucky chest. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here and unlock special weapons.

Weapons found in Pixel Gun 3D

The game features an array of weapons that players can choose from. The weapons have been categorized into shotguns, sniper rifles, automatic weapons, special weapons among others. We will discuss just a few of these. The Dracula weapon comes in handy when your health level is very low. This is because it absorbs the health of your opponent giving you’re the required fighting chance. It is a mid-range weapon. However, run for cover if you find one of your enemies with the weapon because this could result in you losing a life. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

Pixel Gun 3D Free GemsIf you are at close range and want to inflict maximum damage to your opponent then the predator should be your weapon of choice. in long ranges, it does cause some light damage. The weapon is suitable against enemies with some sort of armor because it has a low firing speed. The other weapon that delivers a punch to enemy troops is the heavy shocker. This offers great mobility while at the same time having a high rate of fire. You can use the heavy shocker for both medium and close range battles. You can also dispose of any enemies who have lesser weapons than you. The player also has access to a wide range of like the shotgun, pistol, and the combat knife. The latter has to be used in close combat. Besides, all these weapons nothing offers better mobility and fire rate than the Pixel Gun. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems HereBesides, the weapons the player still access to a wide range of gadgets which can be purchased through the in-game store. In the virtual world, there are four main gadgets. Using the gadget panel you can equip the pixel man with up to three gadgets at any given time. To access the menu swipe to your left in the phone screen. Once you reach the gadget panel select the gadget you would want to use. Pixel Gun 3D has over 30 gadgets up for grabs. The gadget window automatically closes down after 5 seconds. Remember to let the gadgets to cool down before next usage. The gadgets can be used by the player to offer them some temporary relief in the game. They also enable the player to overcome a difficult part of the game. You will need to know that the black mark gadget is used as a throwing gadget and is available in version 11.0.0 of Pixel Gun 3D. The Dragon whistle gadget appears as a shining dragon and appears in to defeat long-range opponents. To better win in your battles collect as many gems as you can. We have gems for you which you can get by getting our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Here.

How to use our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems

Gems are the gold crown in the pixel gun 3d games. Gems enable you to advance in the game and purchase weapons and other special items. The gems in the game are often limited and this means you need to constantly play the game so as to collect just a small amount of gems. If you are looking for gems for your game then press the download Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems button on our site. Our site is free from any malware and the gems will not cause any blockages or viruses to your game. You can download the free gems for your mobile phone or PC game.

Compatibility and Security

Our free gems can be used on all version of the Pixel Gun 3D game. The gems do not cause any errors in the game. They help you unlock special features and enable you to purchase some items that you could not acquire through playing the game. Our site is free of malware and viruses and this means you should feel free downloading stuff online.

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