Pixel Gun 3D Download

Pixel Gun 3D Download

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Pixel gun offers the player a world-class shooting experience with a variety of weapons at their disposal. It is available for iOS and Android phones. The storyline begins with zombies attacking pixel man farm. He then has to use an array of weapons to repulse the attackers. The game features three cool multiplayer modes:- deathmatch, cooperative and deadly games. The player can customize their game to suit their own unique preferences with over 125 in-game skins. More can be purchased online. While the aim of the game is to destroy as many zombies as you can, there are cool rewards up for grabs in various game locations in the game. The game has a campaign mode which enables players to first train and get survival skills before they can progress to more difficult modes like the multiplayer one.  Pixel Gun 3D features awesome graphics and cool music. Get our Pixel Gun 3D download here.

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How to Play Pixel Gun Game

The game requires the player to blast their way through a barrage of zombies using the available weapons while at the same time collecting gems and coins. Pixel Gun 3D is a survival game and the player gets rewarded when they complete a stage. If you have not played the game before you may choose to start with the survival mode. You can earn precious coins in the mode while you practice on your survival skills. To better enhance your rate of survival, use the strafing technique. In this mode, you get to move in circles with your finger on the trigger. This enables you to kill as many zombies as you can. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

Pixel Gun 3D DownloadPixel gun 3D has both zombies and monsters called crawlers that are found on the ground. To increase your effectiveness in killing all monsters, lower your gun and aim low. This enables you to take out both zombies, crawlers, and slugs. However, you will need to keep moving otherwise the zombies may overwhelm you. The main objective of the game is to earn stars in each level that you are in. You earn a star when you kill monsters and a second star is got when you kill the monsters fast enough. The third star tends to be the hardest and is acquired when you kill monsters without getting injured. The best way to increase your odds for this star is to use a shield that keeps you protected from enemy fire. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download here.

While the primary role of the game is to kill monsters and earn coins, the difficulty level of a stage does not affect the number of stars that you get. However, it does affect the number of coins that you earn. The maximum is three for this stage. You receive two coins for normal and one coin for easy.

Game Modes in Pixel Gun 3D

The game can be played as either a single player or multiplayer. The multiplayer mode, which is very exciting, consists of various game modes. You can play up to 10 players in the mode. It comes with an online chat where players can interact with each other. The Death Match mode confers both local and international benefits. It comes with unique maps of varying sizes and shapes. The choice of weaponry consists of Combat M16 Rifle, Magic bow, Golden Desert Eagle, and the Light Saber. The latter enables you to use a knife against enemies when you have run out of bullets. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

The Battle Royale Mode lets you display your skills in large-scale battlegrounds. The grounds a littered with loot so collect as much currency as you can. You can engage several players in the game.  The Cooperative mode enables you to play up to four players. It comes with an online chat so that you can share ideas with friends. It’s part of the multiplayer hard-core gameplay with eight special maps.  The top prize in the game is the coin. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

The campaign mode enables players with little experience with Pixel gun to gain the necessary survival skills before they can proceed to the multiplayer mode. It has a cool training ground for first timers and the graphics are more detailed. Extra features include cool songs and a map that is full of seeds. The narrow lanes in the game make it a bit challenging. You have access to an array of weapons in the campaign mode like heavy machine guns, colt pistol, MP5 and the AK47. There are also different kind of zombies in the game. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

The battle scenes in the multiplayer are very intense so start with the campaign mode before moving to other modes.

Special Game features in Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D Download

The game has a cool in-game currency feature that enables you to interact with up to four currencies. These are the keys, tickets, gems, and coins. For you to succeed in the game you will need all four of them. However, you can get the tickets and keys through the gems. Gems are what players seek after in the game. The more gems you have the more you are able to purchase cool stuff. Coins appear in the circular fashion in the game and come in a yellow color. They can be used to purchase hats, ammunition, gadgets, league staff and decorative items. You will need to engage in numerous gameplay for you to earn sufficient coins to purchase the stuff that you need. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Here

As you move on the map you will find a considerable amount of coins scattered in the game. You also get coins as an incentive whenever you finish a level. The next form of currency that you will need to advance in the game is the gems. These are sort after as they enable the player to purchase special weapons. You identify gems in the game through their blue color. However, you will need to be very good in the game to earn yourself some of these precious gems. Some of the ways you earn gems are by connecting your Pixel game to the online social media accounts, unlocking the lucky chest and when you complete certain levels. Since the gems are limited in number in the game, many of the players pay hard currency for them online. For more of these get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

The lucky chest is the other sort after item after the gems. It is so rare that it appears every four hours in gameplay. The chest has random rewards. It also offers a convenient way to earn vital currency. To make it big in the game ensure that you collect as much lucky chest as you can. The lucky chest has character skins, which you can use to add a touch of personality to the game. The game features 125 in-game skins. But players have the option of getting more skins online. You can also purchase a skin from the lucky chest. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

One crucial weapon you need to look out for in the game is the Golden friend. This is a weapon that causes considerable damage to opponents. It is very rare because it has a good aim and can be crucial for that enemy headshot. However, should you find your enemy possessing this weapon, simply run away? If you looking for mobility with a high rate of fire then the candy baton is the weapon for you. It can only be got from the lucky chest. The candy baton is great when you are traveling. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

Pixel Gun 3D features a wide range of weapons. These have been put in categories for ease of use. The weapons are categorized based on range, fire rate, and mobility. Some of the categories include snipers, shotguns, special weapons and guided weapons. One weapon that you will find coming in handy when playing the game is the Dracula weapon. The weapon is suitable when your health levels are low because it absorbs the health of the opponent. It is a medium range weapon with a good firing range. However, should you find yourself with an opponent with the Dracula, run because you could lose a life. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

The predator is a weapon of choice when you want to inflict maximum damage to the opponent. It can be used for light damage when you are far but at close range, it causes a lot of damage. The firing speed is slow so you will need to be careful not to receive heavy fire from opponents. The predator is also ideal when you are confronted with enemies with strong armor as the bullets can penetrate this armor. Get our Pixel Gun 3D download Here.

Another weapon that is ideal for causing maximum damage to the opponent is the heavy shocker. It offers great mobility while at the same time having a good firing rate. The heavy shocker is a medium close range weapon and can also be used for opponents with weak weapons. The game features a modern skin maker that enables players to customize the game to their own unique preferences. You can create your own customized skins and share them with players in the multiplayer mode. Get our Pixel Gun 3D Download Here.

While Pixel Gun has been popular all over the globe it has not been without criticism. The biggest issue has been the online chat. While the chat system enables players to interact with other players online, concerned parents have criticized the system as promoting predatory instincts from predators. Players can interact with almost anyone from across the globe. The multiplayer mode has been praised for its many features and interactive gameplay. The game has improved graphics which makes the game very interesting to play. The campaign mode has also been praised for its ability to offer training grounds for players. This lets inexperienced players practice their skills before they play in professional modes like the multiplayer mode. The pixel gun offers a better firing rate with excellent maneuverability. Pixel Gun 3D has also been praised for its excellent soundtrack. You can get more features thought our Pixel Gun 3D Download.

How to use our Pixel Gun 3D Download

Pixel Gun 3D has many features and if you want to progress in the game fast you will need to have all the tools in place. Our Pixel Gun 3D download enables you to play your favorite game on your mobile phone. You can download the game through your phone browser or first download it to your computer and then transfer the files onto your phone through a USB. The game download does not cause any blockages and is error free. Should you encounter any challenges with the download do not hesitate to contact us. You could also check your phone settings to check whether the phone settings are set for downloads.

Compatibility and Security

The download is compatible with most phones in the market like Android and iOS. You do not have to worry about security because we have taken care of any malware and viruses. The download does not cause any blockages and is error free. It also has a friendly user interface that enables you to customize skins and acquire better weapons.

Customer Support

Our team of customer care staff is available 24/7 to ensure that all your queries are responded to in the fastest way possible. You can also contact us through our email addresses and suggestion box.

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