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Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

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Pixel Gun 3D is an action shooter game. The player uses the pixel gun to shoot down enemies while avoiding getting shot themselves. The game has a lot of customizable features from skins, maps to characters. You also get access to an array of weapons each serving a specific function. As the game progresses the player is able to unlock more game features. An addition to the game is the multiplayer feature that enables you to add up to eight players. The game has been a global success with over 50 million downloads globally. The game has now added the ability to refurbish the player’s lobby. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here

How to Play Gun 3D Game

The game requires the player to progress from one level to another while blasting their way through hordes of zombies and monsters. The more enemies you destroy the more coins you earn. Players can get a feel of the game by starting out with the survival mode. Here players can put their skills into practice mode. You can also earn more coins through this mode, which you can use later in the game. The objective in the practice mode is to survive wave after wave of enemy attacks while destroying as many as possible. To effectively do this you will need to do something called strafing. This is whereby players move in circles while holding the fire button. Your aim should be at the zombies and this enables you to kill as many as possible. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

In the game modes, players can kill more enemies by aiming lower so as to eliminate zombies, slugs, and crawlers. Headshots are not that special in the game, and you can kill zombies by shooting at any part of their body. However, the zombies could trap you and that is the reason you need to keep moving. The game is defined through three goals. The first one is to kill all the monsters and this earns you one star. If you do this within a predefined time you earn the second star. The third star is earned when you kill the monsters while receiving minimal damage. How difficult a level is will not affect the number of stars that you have. To make it easier to earn the third star buy a shield at the beginning of the game. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

While difficulty level does not affect the number of stars that you earn it does affect the coins that you get. The maximum number of coins that a player can earn is usually three. In the easy level, you earn one while in the normal you earn the remaining two. In the deathmatch mode, the kills can be easy because most of the enemies health levels are low however you will need to continue moving to avoid being killed. Find a good spot and take cover while you take out monsters who are distracted. You can also engage in a gunfight with some else and take down as many enemies as possible. If you want more free coins, download our Pixel Gun 3D cheats here.

How to Succeed in Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D CheatsThe game has a multiplayer mode that enables you to play with other players from across the globe. You can also chat some of them online using the chat system. Gameplay takes place in constrained surroundings and this contributes to the intensity of the battle scene. The game offers have many features online like the game rooms. You can either form your own and ask other gamers to join you or you can get invited to an online room. The multiplayer games can be a bit intense but you have the option of playing in the campaign mode which is much easier. In the game mode, you can narrow down on zombies through the game maps. As stated earlier, this is the best mode to start with as it gives you experience. Once you are done with the game tutorials you can then proceed to other game modes. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here

In-Game Currencies: The game contains four crucial currencies that you can use in the game, gems, coins, tickets, and keys. If you are to succeed in the game, you will need to use all four of them. You can acquire the keys and tickets together with the gems. The objective is to acquire as many gems as you can. The coins appear as circular yellow shaped items that players can use to purchase league staffs, character skins, decorative items, gadgets, and buildings. The coins do not come that easily and you will need to continuously play the game to earn them. You will find the coins scattered all over the levels and in the maps. Make sure you collect all the coins in a level. As a bonus, you get coins when you complete a level or stage. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

The Gems in the game are blue shaped and are used for the purchase of special items like lucky chests, premium weapons, and special gadgets. The gems are limited in the game and just like the coins required expertise to earn them. You can earn gems by completing a level, unlocking the lucky chest or by connecting your game to various pixel gun social media accounts. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the gems but this will require you to spend a considerable amount of money. Get more gems by downloading our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats here.

The next great reward system in pixel gun 3D is the lucky chests. The best part about the lucky chests is that it enables the player to acquire a number of random rewards. This enables you to utilize the maximum benefits that the game offers. One way that the lucky chests is used in the game is when it comes to skins. Pixel Gun 3D comes with 125 pre-made skins that are made from popular themes and personalities. You can also purchase more skins from the lucky chest or download more online. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

One rare item that is only found in the lucky chest is the golden friend. This is a special weapon that causes considerable damage to opponents. It is very rare to find and you should consider yourself very lucky when you acquire one. What makes it amazing is the incredible rate of fire. To win games faster against opponents always aim for the headshot. Take cover if your enemies possess the weapon cause it will cause you considerable damage. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

Another great weapon that you find in the lucky chest is the candy baton. The weapon offers great mobility against enemy fire. Pixel Gun has the advantage of offering an array of weapon systems. From guns that shoot a laser, automatic weapons, shotguns, sniper weapons, special weapons, to guided weapons. The Dracula weapon is an excellent companion when your health is running low. It has the ability to absorb the opponent health and this gives you the extra time to recover. For maximum effects use it in a medium range. The reverse works if you notice that one of your enemies has a Dracula. Instead of engaging them in pointless battle where you can lose a life, run away. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

Pixel Gun 3D CheatsIf you are looking for a weapon that causes a lot of damage at close range while inflicting light damage during long ranges then the predator weapon is your weapon of choice. why it is a long-range weapon is because its firing speed is very low. Use it when you encounter enemies with powerful armors as its bullets can penetrate them. Another cool weapon found in the game is the heavy shocker. With this weapon, you will need in either close or medium range from your enemies. The weapon offers great mobility and can cause damage to enemies who have weak weapons. The heavy shocker also has a high rate of fire. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here

Players can still use the pixel gun to destroy enemies. For close range combat, you have access to signal pistol, shotgun or you can inflict some damage to weak enemies using a close combat knife. The game is available for play in both Android and iOS phones. One key distinguishing feature in the game is the use of the gadget system. The system assists players during difficult situations and helps them acquire temporary benefits in the game. You can acquire the gadgets through the virtual worlds. In Pixel Gun Cheats you can equip up to three gadgets at a time. Players know the equipped gadget through the gadget panel. This panel is set up by the game system. By swiping to the left of the screen the player is able to access the gadgets. Pixel Gun 3D has 30 gadgets available to players. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats.

What you need to learn with the gadget system is that if the panel remains open for five seconds then it automatically shuts down. You will also need to let the gadgets cool down after some time. Use the gadgets to overcome difficult moves through the use of special moves. The black mark gadget was introduced in the 11.0 version of pixel gun and is one of the throwing gadgets introduced in the game. You can download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

The other awesome gadget in the game is the dragon whistle which is a golden dragon with a shinning head. You can use the whistle to defeat enemies who are at a long range. The fake bonus appears in the game as a dropped gem and can be accessed in the 11.1.0 update for the game. Also in the update is the time machine which appears as a square watch with leather straps. Players can also make use of the firecracker which appears as an orange bomb. Players can fly around the game with the use of the jetpack. This can be accessed in version 9.0.0 of the game. As you have noticed each version comes with its own set of unique features and special characteristics. You can advance in the game through cheats and hacks. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here.

How to use Pixel Gun Cheats

Our pixel gun cheats are one cool way to access awesome game features while advancing in the game. It enables you to unlock gems and other currencies which you can use against enemies. Our Pixel Gun 3D cheats do not cause any blockages and are error free. With our editor, you can make your game more interesting by customizing your own maps and characters while unlocking cool weapons. The game can be played on any mobile phone including Android and iOS.

Compatibility and Security

The game is compatible with most mobile phones including Android and iOS. You can either download the game directly to your phone browser or first download it to your PC and then transfer the files to your phone using a USB. We have taken the right steps to ensure that our site is free from malware and viruses.

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We value our customers very much and that is why we have an excellent customer care team that is available 24/7 to ensure that all your queries are responded to in the fastest time possible. You can also contact us through our email addresses or our suggestion box.

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Pixel Gun 3D is an excellent game with great features. Our Pixel gun 3D cheats enable players to quickly advance in the game without causing any blockages. We have eliminated any downtime errors, making our cheat safe to use. Through our game cheat, you can play your favorite game just like before.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Here

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