Pixel Gun 3D Apk

Pixel Gun 3D Apk

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Pixel Gun 3D is a shooter game that can be played in both single and multiplayer mode. The game has many customizable features with players having the ability to chat with each other online. Gameplay takes to play with pixel man finding himself being attacked by a gang of zombies. He’s tasked with defending his village against the imminent attack while earning crucial coins in the process. The game uses a currency system for weapon and feature upgrades. The game is available on both Android and iOS phones as well as several windows based phones. The multiplayer mode tends to be the hardest because of the level of expertise of the players. Players can form clans and include their favorite players. You can customize your screen with over 125 in-game skins or upload more online. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here

How to Play Pixel Gun 3D

The game has several levels and the moment you blast your way through incoming enemies you get the opportunity to proceed to the next. If you are new in the game, we would recommend you start with the survival mode. This lets you practice your moves and get a feel of the game before you proceed to the multiplayer mode. The best part is you get to earn crucial coins in the process, which you can later use in the game. You will need to survive wave after wave of attacks. To succeed in this game mode use the shifting technique. This is whereby the player moves in circles while their fingers are on the trigger and aimed at incoming zombies. Through this technique, you can eliminate as many zombies as possible. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Need to super careful in the survival mode because you have crawling zombies and slugs that can impede your chances of winning in the game. To kill more birds with one stone, lower your weapon so that you take out the zombies and the crawlers at the same time. Do not be disappointed with not taking enough headshots as this does not really matter in the game. However, keep moving before your screen is swapped with zombies. The primary goal in the game is to earn stars in each stage. There are three ways to do this. When you destroy all monsters in a stage you get a star. An additional star can be acquired when you kill monsters within a short time. The third way – tends to be the most difficult – is when you kill zombies without getting hurt. To improve your changes in this buy yourself a shield. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

You will need to note that the difficulty level in each of the stages does not affect the number of coins that you receive. Try to earn the maximum three coins for each stage.

Cool features in Pixel Gun 3D Apk

The game has an awesome multiplayer mode that incorporates an online chat. You can add up to ten players in gameplay and create a clan system with your favorite players. You can either join a room online or create your own and invite other players. Multiplayer mode lets you test your skills against other players across the globe. However, the game mode can be a bit challenging if you are new to the game. This is because gameplay takes place in a constrained surrounding with the battles occurring on an expert level. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Pixel Gun 3D ApkIf you would like to gain some valuable experience before moving on to multiplayer mode then you could begin with the campaign mode. This mode offers simple gameplay on various maps in the game. You can test your skills against incoming zombies. The more confidence you have in the game the better are your chances of winning games in multiplayer mode. The game offers an array of options to upgrade weapons and game features. One of these is the in-game currency. There are four crucial currencies that you need to look out for in the game. There are the coins, tickets, keys and the most important one being the gems. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

The gems offer the most value in the game. They can also be sued to purchase the keys and tickets. Your goal in the game is to collect as many gems as you can while killing all incoming zombies. The coins resemble the typical coins we use in our everyday lives. In Pixel Gun, they are circular in shape and yellow in color. They can be used to purchase league staff, hats, character skins, and decorative items. Coins can be earned through continuous gameplay. You will find the coins scattered all over the maps in the game. As an incentive, you get to earn coins when you finish a stage in the game. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here

Collection of gems is at the heart of the game. The possibilities are numerous when you have a large collection of gems. They allow acquiring cool stuff like special gadgets, premium weapons, and lucky chest. You will need to engage in continuous gameplay for you to earn sufficient gems to supplement your weapon systems. A simple way to acquire more gems is to connect your game to social media accounts or to unlock the lucky chest. While all these methods provide small quantities of gems you can use hard currency to purchase more online. You can also download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk here.

The lucky chest is a peculiar item in pixel gun 3D. It can only be acquired every four hours of gameplay. If you are looking for more currencies in the game then the lucky chest offers one of the best ways for this. They also provide the player with various random rewards. To guarantee your wins you will need to collect as many lucky chests as possible. One cool item that is often found in the lucky chest is the character skin. Skins enable the player to customize their game. Pixel Gun 3D offers the player up to 125 in-game skins with more available online for download. You can also purchase skins from the lucky chest. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Players are often lost for choice when it comes to weapon systems in Pixel Gun 3D. The golden friend is one such weapon. It causes maximum damage to opponents but it is a very rare item in the game. With a high rate of fire, it is suitable for headshots but you should take cover when you find any of your enemies using it. For those looking for greater mobility with a higher rate of attack, they should consider getting the candy baton. This weapon cannot be found anywhere else in the game besides the lucky chest.

Weapon and Gadgets in Pixel Gun 3D

The game offers players numerous weapons to choose from. These have been easily categorized for you for ease of use. You have the snipers, automatic weapons, shotguns, guided weapons amongst others. One popular weapon that you will find in the game is the Dracula. The weapon gives you an advantage by absorbing the health of the opponent. The Dracula is a medium-range weapon that should not be used when the player has low health status as the reverse happens to them and they lose a life. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk here.

If you want to cause maximum damage to the enemy then the predator weapon will come in handy. The predator can be used for close range battles or can cause light damage to opponents when used in a long range. It has a slow firing speed so be careful when using it when there are many opponents. It also comes in handy when fighting opponents who have armor. Another sort after the weapon is the heavy shocker. Just as the name suggests the weapon can be used to cause heavy damage to opponents. It offers a high rate of fire with beyond average mobility. If you happen to encounter opponents with weak weapons blast your way with the heavy shocker. It works best when used in both medium and close range battles. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Pixel Gun 3D ApkIn addition to shotguns, combat knife the player can still use the best weapon of all – the pixel gun. It offers great attacking speeds, high mobility, and accuracy. The game benefits differ depending on the mode you are in. if you are playing the multiplayer mode, you get access to both local and worldwide players. There are also unique maps of varying shapes and sizes. The weapons vary greatly with some primary weapons being combat M16 rifle, magic bow, lightsaber and the golden desert eagle. You can use the combat knives to inflict damage to enemies. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Multiplayer mode enables up to eight players to engage in one battle with online chat to enable players to coordinate amongst themselves. It is probably the most challenging, exciting and addictive mode in Pixel Gun 3D. The battle royale mode offers endless gameplay in which the player encounters a barrage of zombies who constantly engage him in battle. It overs never-ending action and is full of loot and lots of giveaways. If you want to collect lots of coins and gems then the battle Royale mode is the way to go. You can access more game features through our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here

The cooperative mode features up to four players in the game. It also has eight special maps with an online chat available. The top prize in this hardcore game is coins. Just as the name suggests the main aim in the survival mode is to survive zombie attacks while collecting crucial treasures. The monsters can overwhelm you so be strategic in how you play the game. One outstanding feature in Pixel Gun 3D is the campaign mode where first-timers can get a feel of the game before they go to battle in other tougher modes. In this mode, there is more detail when it comes to the graphics with cool new songs. The mode is the most user-friendly for beginners and has a training camp where they can learn new skills. Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk here.

How to use our Pixel Gun 3D Apk

Our Pixel Gun 3D Apk is available for download on our site. It enables players to play their favorite game on the go. Our pixel gun 3D comes with an easy-to-use editor that enables you to customize skins and acquire cool weapons. The download process is very simple and straightforward. You can either download the game through your mobile phone directly or first download the Apk onto your computer and then transfer the files onto your phone through a USB. If you notice an errors message on your phone, try changing the App settings to allow downloads.

Customization and Security

The Apk has been created for usage in any mobile phone including Android and iOS. It comes with an easy to use interface that enables you to customize your game to meet your unique preferences. Our site is free of malware and viruses and users should feel free making downloads from it.

Customer Support

We value our customers and that is why we have a support staff that is available 24/7. We also have email addresses and suggestion box from which you can send us any queries and questions.

Why Choose US?

Our Pixel Gun 3D Apk can be used in most phones including Android and iOS. It does not cause any blockages or errors and is free to use on your mobile phone. We have also taken the right steps to ensure that what you download is the latest.

Download our Pixel Gun 3D Apk Here

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