Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems

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Pixel Gun 3D is a shooter game that can be played on both Android and iOS phones. It comes with excellent 3D graphics and an assortment of weapons to choose from. The protagonist – pixel man – finds his farm invaded by zombies and he has to use all his weapons to destroy them.  As the player progresses through the levels they get to earn coins, gems and unlock the lucky chest. The game can be played in either multiplayer mode or single. In multiplayer mode, the player can engage up to 10 players and with an online chat, you can interact with players while in the battle. For those new to the game, they can use the practice mode to get a feel of the game before moving to the more complex game modes. Gems enable you to purchase better weapons and are the hallmark of the game. We have a collection of free gems for you. You can access your free gems through our Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems Download.

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